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Guild Officers

President:  Anne Frank*
VP-Education:  Dora Aalbregtse*
VP-Community:  Mary Griffin
VP-Communications:  Karen Vorwald
Corresponding Secretary:  Karen Vorwald*
Recording Secretary:  Raheela Gill Anwar, PK 

    Wilson, Janet WymanTreasurer:  Darla Hovden*
Administrator:  Paula Danoff
Awards:  Glo Rolighed, Cindy Good
Butterfly Garden:  Meg O’Gara*, Bridget Lewis,

     Christine Fussell
Civic:  Mary Hill*, MJ Foley, Karen Skinner
Community Outreach:  Cassie Bucceleto, Leslie

Conservation:  Deirdre von Moltke*, Pamela

    Russell, Suzanne Booker-Canfield
Floral Design: Rita Lashmet*, Cindy Good,

    Lisa Johnson (consultant)
Floral Show:  Dora Aalbregtse, Gail Hodges,

    Barbara Kehoe
Garden History & Design/Visiting Gardens:

     Gail Hodges*
Historian:  Christine Fussell
Horticulture: Dora Aalbregtse*, Melissa Corley,

    Ashley DAnis*, Mary HIckey, Karen Skinner*,

    Anne Wilder
Hospitality:  Diane Melio*
Membership:  Mary Griffin*
Nominating:  Mary Griffin*
Philanthropy/Scholarship: Barbara Kehoe
Photography:  Debbie Ross
Programs:  Dana Marzonie, Debbie Ross*

Provisional Course: Diane Melio, Kate Van Vlack
Website/Technology:  Kate Van Vlack
Workshops:  Elizabeth Phillips-Sorich
Yearbook/Directory:  Kathy Elliott*, Becky

2022 Benefit:  Christine Tremper, Diane Melio

Zone XI Meeting:  Anne Frank

Shirley Meneice Delegate:  Darla Hovden

*Second year of a two-year term or multiple terms

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